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幅広い業種の実務経験豊富な講師を取り揃えております。下記に一例をご紹介いたします。その他にも機械・電気・情報通信・化学・建設・土木・航空 など、が対応可能です。万一、ご自身の専門分野と同一の講師が見つからない場合でも、お問合せください。【専門分野/領域 一覧


氏名 Esther Consuelo Tan
専門分野 Electrical Engineering
業務経歴 3 years as Electrical Engineering Department Head upto present
3 years as Electrical Laboratory Supervisor
14 years as Reasearch Coordinator upto present
Faculty Member from 1990 upto present
氏名 Edmundo Tuble
専門分野 Electrical Engineering
業務経歴 4 years as College Instructor
1 year as Skill Trainor (Theory to actual implementation)
1 and a half years as Maintenance Supervisor
1 year as Building Administrator
3 years as Supervisor (Building and Industrial Maintenance Services)
3 years as Electrical Engineer (Project: IBN ZAHR PetroChemical Complex Construction)
2 years in Machinery Maintenace (Mining and Exploration)
氏名 Alma Felix
専門分野 Electrical Engineering
業務経歴 16 years as Part - Time Associate Professor
16 years as Physics Laboratory Supervisor
2 years as Metering Service Engineer
氏名 Lynneth Sorronda
専門分野 Electronics and Communications Engineering
業務経歴 20 years as Associate Professor (Electronics, Communications, Mathematics, Physics)
1 year as Outcome - Based Education (OBE) Coordinator
14 years as Electronics Engineer Consultant of UM Broadcasting Network
3 years as Laboratory Supervisor
氏名 Maria Celestina Amora
専門分野 Civil Engineering
業務経歴 19 years as Professor (Mathematics Education, Science Education, Curriculum Development, Research Methods/Statistics, Training Designs) "
氏名 Abba Placio
専門分野 Mechanical Engineering
業務経歴 Logistics Supervisor as of year 2010 upto present
1 year as Quality Assurance Supervisor
Pollution Control Officer as of year 2007 upto present
1 year as Laboratory Technician (Micrometer, Box Compression, Bursting Tester, Crush Tester
and Analytical Balance)
1 year Quality Assurance Technician/Inspector (Flexographic Machine)
氏名 Rolando Pino
専門分野 Mechanical Engineering
業務経歴 1 year Quality Assurance Technician/Inspector (Flexographic Machine)
Production Manager as of year 2009 upto present
7 years as Corrugator Supervisor
氏名 Agnes Charlotte Adecer
専門分野 Chemical Engineering
業務経歴 10 years as Chemical Engineer / Quality Control
氏名 Anna May Lao
専門分野 Information Technology
業務経歴 2 years, Associate Software Engineer
2 years, Senior .NET Developer
3 years, Senior Software Developer (Technologies Used: ASP. NET, Visual Studio .Net C#(.net 3.5 Framework), MS SQL 2008, Tortoise SVN, XML
氏名 Dexter John Taguding
専門分野 Quality Assurance
業務経歴 Assistant Instructor since 2013
Quality Assurance Specialist since 2013
氏名 Neo Austein Abaga
専門分野 Aeronautical Engineering
業務経歴 Pilot Trainee including hands-on on Aerodynamics, Aircraft Structure and Design, Aircraft Construction and Repair, Safety Management
氏名 Phoebe Kaye Bernardo
専門分野 Computer Science / Programming
業務経歴 2 years as C# Programmer, C++ Visual C#, Visual Basic.NET, ASP.NET-MVC framework, HTML, Javascript and SQL
氏名 Vanessa Concillado
専門分野 Information Technology
業務経歴 (1) 3 years as Information Technology Professor
(2) Technical Support and Web Host Management since last year
(3) 9 years as Freelance Computer Tech Support and Programmer (php, javascript, mysql, wordpress)
氏名 Joan Carmen
専門分野 Electronics and Communication
業務経歴 2 years as Junior Engineer with specialization in Apple software and hardware technical
氏名 Ronald Floralde
専門分野 Chemical Engineering
業務経歴 (1) 4 years as Part-Time Instructor
(2) 2 years as Shift Supervisor in a Sugar Plant
(3) 2 years as Cadet Engineer in a Sugar Plant
(4) 1 year as Laboratory Analyst
(5) 1 year as Chemist for Carbon Products
氏名 Anna Clarissa C. Carlos
専門分野 Architect
業務経歴 Licensed architect in the Philippines since 2009 who is venturing to focus in Historic Conservation; has experience of working in an architectural firm and recently studied MSc Historic Building Conservation in the United Kingdom.